Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Consultations Starting at $70, Spellwork, Life Problem Solvers, Candle Magick

Consultations for all types of situations are starting at $70, payments accepted via PayPal. I’ve been in the craft for 7 years+ and I’m now making myself available for consultations. I also perform candle magick and will accept payments for spell requests.

Send your inquiry and email to lilithsseventh@gmail.com

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Quick and Easy Money Spell

Quick Money Spell This is a quick and easy little spell for bringing in different amounts of money. You will need The following items:
• 1 green glass encased candle
•Bayberry powder
•Nutmeg powder
•Cinnamon powder
•Brown paper bag squares 4x4

You'll write your full name onto the square including your full birthday.
 Simply place the square under the candle with your name facing up.
 Mix the three powders together and sprinkle some on top of the paper and also on top of the candle. Set the candle on top of the paper square.

 For a specific amount needed, write the amount down on another paper square, fold 3 times towards you, rotating clockwise after each fold and burn in the flame of the lit candle.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Working with Saint Expedite

Working with Saint Expedite is a pleasure and privilege. Saint Expedite is known best to work quickly and swiftly in providing you with your desired requests. Whenever we petition Saint Expedite, it always important to keeping your part of the bargain and giving him what you promised him. Gifts for Saint Expedite can de delivered to  Churches.

Saint Expedite likes to be fed Florida Water, whiskey, flowers of all colors but especially white. He also appreciates contributions of donations to the local charities. Saint Expedite likes to be acknowledged for his good deeds, therefore he also appreciates small paragraphs/sentences listed in the newspaper that praise and acknowledge him for his help.  Saint Expedite can be called on with a red yellow or white candle. His number is 3. When petitioning Saint Expedite be sure to hold off on giving him what items you promised him until the work is complete on his end.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Protecting Against Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis occurs when the astral body becomes "trapped" by a succubi or incubi. Once you've learned how to overcome it, avoiding it becomes easy.

One method of guarding against this uncomfortable occurrence is by placing a cup of sea salt water under your bed as described in "Magickal Uses Of Salt" blog entry.

If one does become stuck in sleep paralysis, the easiest method of stopping it is heavy breathing. Taking a series of very deep breaths will reconnect the astral body with the physical body appropriately.

Magickal Uses of Sea Salt

✨✨✨Magickal Uses of Sea Salt✨✨✨

Salt has been used as a cleansing and purifying agent since early traditions in various cultures throughout the world. What's important about salt is that it is derived directly from the ocean. Salt that has sat in the ocean floors has been exposed to the sun over vast periods of time. Therefore, sea salt can be treated as miniature purifying crystals that have been super charged with sunlight energy!
Salt has been used in hoodoo and vodoun cultures, and also in early pagan cults as well. It's easy to grab and also inexpensive.

Salt can be placed around door boards to keep away evil from the home and from businesses. Including a handful of sea salt to your bath along with purifying material such as lemons and white flowers can work to remove negative vibrations and energies from yourself. Salt can be used in protection sachets and powders as well.

Magickal Stuff: Water

It's amazing what a glass of water can do in the world of witchery.

Placing a glass of water by yourself bedside or under your bed guards against psychic attack while you sleep, this includes attacks from incubi and succubi. Adding a pinch of sea salt to pure water along with reading psalm 139 over the glass of water will actively clear out psychic mess from your aura field while you sleep, leaving you to waking up refreshed and replenished. This trick is a great method to use for those empaths whose everyday lives can cause them to feel weighed down due to coming in to contact with so many different energies and people.

Placing clear glasses of water throughout your home helps to block out and cleanse out negativity in the home. No sea salt needed for this one, but feel free to pray psalm 23 over the water to promote its cleansing and protective properties.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lilith's Featured Herb: Lavender

Lavender is utilized for its purification and protection properties. It is also used in rituals to bring peace to the home and family. Lavender is an herb that causes happiness and joy. It is a sleep aid and can protect against nightmares. There are several "Flower" herbs in the magick community, these types of herbs are generally known to promote peace, happiness and serenity. Lavender is also awesome to use in love sachets and baths for love drawing. Great to use when one needs to bring peace and fidelity to marriage.

I speak about the use of Lavender in my recent youtube video "How To Remove The Evil Eye". Burning lavender before bedtime will help induce a peaceful and calming rest.